Mar 20 2011

#3 Mmmm…grapes

There’s a lot of guys at my office that like to brag about their workout routine. I like to follow advice of the great Louis CK, “the secret to having the body you want is you have to want a reallly shitty body!”

Mar 13 2011

#2 Return to Sender

I have to send out these envelopes every day at work, and sometimes they come back to me.

Mar 7 2011

#1 Beer Friday.

My first comic! New comic every Sunday!

Mar 7 2011

Hello world!

This is my first post and also my first time using WordPress. I’m still learning how to use and skin this template, so expect many site and layout changes in the foreseeable future.  I also work a full-time job and freelance on the side, so give me some time to get into the rhythm of keeping up with this comic. I plan on one comic per week posted on Sundays, but we’ll see how that goes.