Jan 29 2015


This came from one of my first video projects a few years ago. The other designer and I were given a crappy Dell computer with Premier Elements as an editing station. What should have taken a week took over a month mostly due to the machine crashing constantly. The video came out great and we got a lot of attention for our company… then we both quit shortly after.

Jan 22 2015


Wow, I’ve finally finished out the comics I’ve started years ago! Now I get to break out my old “comic ideas” folder! More stuff coming every Thursday, stay tuned!

Jan 15 2015


I’m a few steps ahead of the game right now, which means I have at least 1 month of content to post coming up. It’s been 3 years since I’ve really done any completed illustrations for this webcomic, however I’ve actually never stopped writing them. I have a folder with literally 100′s of sketches and ideas sitting next to me, and with a bit of time you’ll get to see more of those ideas come out. Hope you enjoy!

Jan 8 2015

#4 R.I.P. Charb

In light of the recent attacks at Charlie Hebdo, I’ve jumped back into creating webcomics. This one is in honor of the editor Charb who bravely stood his ground against terrorists in the name of Freedom of Speech. Stay tuned, I have more comics coming!